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What's Happening at the Market - August 17th

Thursday, August 17, 2023, 4:00PM - 7:00PM

Evergreen Rotary Park, 1400 Park Ave, Bremerton WA


Yes! It's going to be warm!! So, in response we've tried our best to move most of our vendors to the shady areas of the market and we've added a misting station courtesy of Heathen's Bakery. Both the music booth and info booth have been moved, so please consult the map below. In addition, we will have complimentary ice-cold water for customers who are in need of hydrating. Don't let the heat stop you, our vendors are here rain or shine!

Vendors at the Market


Produce Resellers


Prepared & Processed Food

Pet Specialty

Sponsors/Community Booths


This Week at the Market

Music at the Market

Marly Mitchell Music is this week's Music at the Market performer. Marly is a Bremerton-based musician and teacher. She has played in many renowned venues including Carnegie Hall and has been the recipient of multiple outstanding group and solo awards in Vocal Jazz from Jazz Festivals and publications across the US. Marly currently teaches private voice and piano lessons out of her home. When she isn’t teaching, Marly plays live shows with a band, or solo with her ukulele, in venues across Western Washington. Come for the farmers, stay for the music!

A huge thank you to the Bremerton Office Machine Company for sponsoring this program. See you at the market!


Food & School Supply Drive at the Market

The Bremerton Community Farmers Market will be having a Food Drive for the Bremerton Backpack Brigade that will continue through August 24th. For more information, click here. We will also be hosting a School Supply Drive for Back to School Day that will continue through August 17th.


Recipes at the Market

Stop by the Market Info Booth to pick up your FREE recipe for Traditional Greek Salad. Try making this easy recipe for your next healthy meal! Most of the ingredients for this recipe can be found at the farmers market.


WSU Master Gardeners at the Market

Join the WSU Master Gardeners at 4:30pm for their FREE talk, "All About Soil."


Yoga at the Market

Join Thrive Yoga Manette at 5:30pm for a FREE yoga class for all ages and will be in the shade!


Community Organizations at the Market


Volunteer at the Market


What To Eat at the Market

Carinos Corner Taqueria will be bringing us their tasty treats...check in for the specials this week at the market.

Dad's Best Dogs will be cooking up dogs using 1/4lb. beef or 1/4lb. polish sausage on locally sourced buns. Stop by and try a tasty dog from Dad's.

Monica's Waterfront Bakery & Cafe serves up fresh baked breads, yummy cookies and bars, chocolate croissants, and more!

Risteretto Stone Coffee - While not technically food, they serve cold drinks, with or without caffeine.

Viking Ice Cream - Cool, tasty ice cream in a variety of flavors and sizes. Simply amazing!


T-Shirts at the Market

Please support the market by purchasing a t-shirt or tote bag with this season's design by Alyson Coleman. Supplies are going fast...stop by the info booth for yours!


Next Week at the Market

4pm to 7pm - Back to School Day at the market. Please click here for more information.

4pm to 7pm - Music at the Market with the Washington Old Time Fiddlers Association.

4pm to 7pm - Food Drive for the Bremerton Backpack Brigade will continue through August 24th.


Looking Ahead at the Market



Nutrition Programs at the Market

Did you receive a Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) benefits card? Does your family receive WIC and you've been told you can use it at the farmers market? What about SNAP/EBT and P-EBT benefits cards? Are you confused about how to use it all? Then visit the Market Info booth in the middle of the Bremerton Community Farmers Market! We will show you how all of these benefits can get fresh food on your table.

SFMNP benefits can be used at the following vendors: Davis Farm, Forest Frog Farms, and Fuentes Fresh Farm. New farms may be added during the remainder of the season, be sure and check weekly. Your benefits are good through the end of September and can be used at other markets. These benefits are only added to your card once in the amount of $80. Please stop by the Market Info booth if you haven't already applied for these benefits...we have mail in applications. You can also contact Meals On Wheels.

WIC/FMNP and WIC/CVB benefits can be used at the following vendors: Davis Farm, Forest Frog Farms, and Fuentes Fresh Farm. New farms may be added during the remainder of the season, be sure and check weekly. WIC/CVB benefits are automatically added to your card and you are probably familiar with using these in the grocery store. Now your CVB benefits can be used at local farmers markets like ours, are added monthly, and can be used throughout the season. The amount of benefits received for this program is determined by your specific situation.

WIC/FMNP benefits are not added automatically to your card, and you m

ust ask for them at your WIC office. These benefits are added to your card once, and the amount received for this program is determined by your specific situation.

Both WIC programs are used at the vendors booth, no need to do anything with your card at the Market Info booth. These programs require the use of a QR code available through your WIC Shopper App. To see if you are eligible for WIC, please visit Kitsap Community Resources.

SNAP/EBT and P-EBT benefits can also be used at farmers markets, and markets will match up to $25 with SNAP Market Match coupons. Visit the Market Info booth and tell us you’d like to use SNAP Market Match. We'll swipe your EBT/P-EBT card in the amount you want to spend, and you'll receive EBT $1 market tokens plus up to $25 in market match coupons. The tokens can be spent on a variety of eligible food items and can only be used at the Bremerton Community Farmers Market. The coupons can be spent on any of the following: fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, mushrooms, fresh herbs (not dried), and seeds and plants that produce food (for example, tomato seeds or tomato plants). All of our farm vendors accept SNAP Market Match for qualifying items! The SNAP MM coupons can be used at participating farmers markets around the state. You may complete an online application for SNAP/EBT benefits by using the website or apply by phone at 877-501-2233 or by visiting your local Community Services Office.

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