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Become a Market Vendor

Market Vendor

The Bremerton Community Farmers Market welcomes farmers, food producers, prepared food vendors, artisans/crafters, community organizations and musicians in our thriving market at Evergreen Rotary Park.

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, our 2024 application is available online now. To get an idea of how our market is run, please check out our 2023 Vendor Handbook and BCFM Bylaws & Guiding Principles.  



The Market is excited to announce we are once again accepting applications for the 2024 Market season! Please apply on the application link below.


While Membership in the Bremerton Community Farmers Market is not required, it is recommended. Not only is there a reduced fee to participate in the Market with your Membership, vendors also have the right to vote and participate in the growth and governing of the Market. Regardless of membership, all vendors are expected to follow the same rules, as set forth by the Bremerton Community Farmers Market and the Washington State Farmers Market Association (WSFMA), of which the Bremerton Community Farmers Market is a member.

Please Note: The following businesses are NOT allowed to participate in the Bremerton Community Farmers Market, per WSFMA Rules, unless said vendor falls within an ‘Exception’.  In all cases, these items are restricted from being sold in a WSFMA Market because the products are either not produced, processed, or created in Washington State by the vendor; or funding, marketing, or other assistance given to vendors comes from a source separate from the vendor. However, vendors who are not allowed to sell at WSFMA Markets are allowed to sponsor market events/activities, as long as they are not selling or taking orders to sell.

  • No Commercial or Imported Items

  • No Second Hand Items (Exception: Those vendors who take a second hand item and recycle that item intended for a new use.)

  • No Franchises: Those who have entered into an agreement or received a license to sell a company’s products and/or use a company’s packaging, logo, ingredients, and/or marketing tools under that license or any franchise agreement

  • No Non-Owner Operated Businesses: Only those businesses that are operated and controlled by their Washington State-based, owners are permitted at WSFMA Markets

  • No Out-of-State Processing: All processed products sold at WSFMA Markets must be processed within Washington State



We’re always looking for local musicians to play at our market! Our 2024 season runs from May 2nd until  October 10th from 4:00pm – 7:00pm (fall hours are 3:30pm - 6:30pm starting the third week in September) at Evergreen Rotary Park in downtown Bremerton. We pay $80 per market day, supply a tent, chairs, a small amp and advertising for the week before you play. Send any questions you have to the Assistant Manager at

If you’re interested, please apply through the VENDOR APPLICATION.

Community Booths

Community Booths

Local non-profits and community-based organizations are able to host an information booth at the Bremerton Community Farmers Market. Approved non-profits are allowed two free days; additional days may be allowed with a fee. Outreach & education participant dates are scheduled on a first come, first-served basis with the Market Manager’s approval, pending receipt of the application, and at least two weeks in advance of requested Market Participation. Please note that all participants at our market are required to have liability insurance. If your nonprofit would like to fundraise at the market or if you have questions about community booths please contact


If you're interested, please apply through the VENDOR APPLICATION.

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