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Chef at the Market

The Chef at the Market program is back for one day only this season with Chef Monica Downen from Monica's Waterfront Bakery & Café. Chef Downen will be holding a free cooking demonstration at 5pm on Thursday, August 31st. The demo will feature a delicious Mediterranean dish made with food purchased from Vulca's Mediterranean Market and the Bremerton Community Farmers Market. Vulca’s is located in downtown Bremerton and sells imported foods and local Mediterranean-style artisan foods emphasizing natural and sustainable production. After watching the presentation, you will be able to sample the dish and ask questions. Check back here for the complete recipe, ingredients used, and pictures after the market…then recreate it yourself!

And what do you need to cut up all that produce for the recipe? Sharp knives! Dull knives are not only difficult and inefficient, they're also dangerous. Using a sharp knife is much safer than sawing away with a dull edge as dull blades simply don’t “bite” into food as well. To make all your food preparation easier and safer bring your knives to Precision Sharpening Bremerton. They are available at the market for all your sharpening needs, so bring your knives and let Precision Sharpening bring them back to factory sharpness (or better) at the best price in town.

Chef at the Market is sponsored by Precision Sharpening Bremerton and Vulca's Mediterranean Market. 

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