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The Bremerton Office Machine Company

Bremerton Office Machine Company is our 2022 Music Sponsor! They make it possible for us to pay musicians to come play for us every week. The market is so much more fun with music! Thank you BOMC!

Bob Montgomery, recently passed away at 96, had been repairing typewriters for decades. Paul Lundy purchased the business and may be the last left in the area with a business devoted only to these machines. Paul is the latest convert to typo-mania and is dedicated to the craft. Paul is dedicated to learning all about the craft of vintage office machine repair and service. It turns out, he is just as fanatical about the darn machines as Mr. Montgomery. Paul purchased the business in 2014 so you can rely on consistent repair and service for years to come.

In the Puget Sound area, The Bremerton Office Machine Co. is the last company whose full-time business is repairing typewriters.

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