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Thrive Yoga Manette

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Thrive Yoga Manette is a cozy community space, a respite between home and work, a place to recharge and weather life’s ups and downs, a place where everyone can thrive. We offer between two and four unheated, warm, or hot yoga classes every day, ranging in intensity from so-gentle-that-100-year-olds-could-do-them to kick-your-butt-sweatfests. The Thrive community is mostly made up of beginner and intermediate students, so we’re all about offering up beginner-friendly modifications to poses in our classes.

Don’t love being warm or hot, or want some extra ventilation for your yoga practice? We gotchu! You can make any class an unheated class by practicing on our outdoor, rain-covered back Deck, where you can see into and get the mic’d audio of the class happening inside. In summer, we also open up spots to practice on our backyard Turf, so you don’t have to choose between enjoying a gorgeous Washington summer day or your yoga practice: enjoy both!

Whatever yoga you’re in the mood for, whatever brings you to your yoga mat or makes you yoga-curious, we can’t wait for you to join our truly awesome, diverse community of all ages, shapes, and sizes. At Thrive, reconnect with your body and your breath, and revel in every minute of precious time you’ve set aside for yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

Sound pretty cool? We make it super easy to start: it’s just $30 for your first 30 days of unlimited yoga! Learn more about us and purchase your Intro Month at We’re on Instagram and Facebook, too! Find us @ThriveYogaManette. Got questions? We’ve got answers! Call or text us at 360.626.6031.

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