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What's happening at the market on 6.23.22

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Thursday, June 23, 2022

4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Evergreen Rotary Park, 1400 Park Ave, Bremerton WA

The Tokens Above Are Money!

Do you have any market tokens lying around? Maybe in your glove box, your junk drawer, or at the bottom of your purse? Dig them out and bring them on Thursday!

Free COVID Test Kits and Masks

Kitsap Public Health is providing free at-home test kits and high-quality masks to individuals in Kitsap County that are most impacted by COVID-19 or who may have barriers to accessing these supplies through other avenues. If you're in need of these supplies, please stop by the Info Booth.

Farmers Market Nutrition Program

Applications for the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program are available at the Info Booth. The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) provides nutrition to income eligible seniors via checks to be used at approved farmers markets. We are excited to announce that 2022 eligible applicants may elect to receive $80 in checks! Please remember that this program is first come, first served until all the checks have been distributed and applications must be mailed in. If you're unable to come to the market to pick up an application, click here to print one out or to find a list of other places to get one.

Music at the Market

This week’s Music At The Market musician is Toby Hanson. Toby is a professional accordionist with nearly three decades of experience delighting audiences with his thrilling and engaging performances. He can weave a melody with a skill that gives listeners the impression that they're on a journey to another place or era. From the liveliest polkas to the most romantic musettes, his passion for the accordion shines through in everything he does. Come out and enjoy Toby Hanson!

Thank you Bremerton Office Machine Company for making this program possible!

Vendor Spotlight: Crusty Crumbz on Seaview

Mona Foley, owner and operator of Crusty Crumbz on Seaview LLC, knows a thing or three about baking, operating a home-based business, working alongside family and, above all, making customers happy.

Prior to opening Crusty Crumbz six years ago, Mona owned and operated Foley’s Pizza in East Bremerton. “I opened it with my son as my manager until he had to go for a job with benefits, but he still came and helped whenever he could. I made homemade sauce and dough using my son’s recipes and homemade hoagie rolls, two soups every day and then all the things I bake today.”

After nine years at Foley’s, Mona left but her love of baking was as strong as ever. “I knew that I wanted to continue baking after I left Foley’s. I loved being busy and pleasing customers. I knew I could do this in my home. We turned two rooms in our basement into a commercial kitchen.”

She continued, “I found it easy to start my home bakery. I had almost all the big equipment and then acquired the other things I needed.” How did her family respond? “My family’s reaction was good. They knew that I love what I do and were very supportive.”

Operating a home-based bakery in the state of Washington has its unique challenges. Mona explains, “I have a commercial kitchen that the Department of Agriculture classifies as a Food Processing Plant. I have submitted literally hundreds of recipes I have used or will be using and new ones as they come up.”

What advice would she give to aspiring artisans who dream of starting a bakery in their homes? “I would tell people to do your homework on opening a home-based bakery. There are zoning laws, permits, insurance and everything else you need to run it smoothly.”

Besides the legal issues involved with operating a bakery here in Washington, there were other things Mona discovered on the way to turning Crusty Crumbz into a delicious success. “I’ve learned a lot running my own business. I learned how to get up early (5 am) to get started for baking day. I make up a menu of what I’m going to bake that week. Sometimes it changes if I can’t get certain produce, or the freshness isn’t what I want. I then shop for the best available ingredients to get ready for the week ahead.”

Mona makes a wide selection of homemade baked goods, including cakes, cupcakes, breads, cookies, brownies, scones, pies, cobblers, bars, and other mouth-watering goodies.

Family continues to play a huge role at Crusty Crumbz. “Because of my disabilities, my husband Joe helps me with every market,” Mona says. “I love that he’s there with me the whole way. My daughter and son-in-law also help from time to time.”

As far as retirement, Mona says, “I guess I’m retired but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Because I take online orders and sell at another local farmers market, I get very busy down in the bakery.”

After all these years in the food business, what keeps Mona going? “I love what I do, I enjoy working with the farmers market and I love the positive feedback I get from customers.” What could be sweeter? Thank you Stephanie Ray with Precision Sharpening for volunteering to write up our vendor spotlights!

Help Support the Market

You can help support the market by purchasing a tote bag, t-shirt, or tank top! This year's fun design was created by local artist Evelyn Husband. After each market day the seagulls swoop in to eat whatever food has been dropped so we thought this design was perfect! We'll have totes, t-shirts, and tank tops for sale at the market booth; $15 for totes, $20 for t-shirts and tanks.

Sign-Up for our Newsletter!

If you'd like to get our seasonal weekly newsletter letting you know about upcoming events and who will be at the market each week sign-up for our newsletter here!

SNAP Market Match

How to use SNAP Market Match at the market:

  1. Come to our Information Booth and tell us you’d like to SNAP Market Match

  2. Swipe your EBT card for the amount you want to spend

  3. SNAP Market Match will match up to $40/day/card

*P-EBT cards are eligible for SNAP Market Match

You can use your SNAP Market Match bucks on all of the following items:

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Fresh fruits

  • Mushrooms

  • Fresh herbs

  • Seeds and plants that produce food (for example, tomato seeds or tomato plants)

All of our farm vendors accept SNAP Market Match for qualifying items!

Market Open 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm!

See you at the market!!!

Vendors This Week:



Prepared & Processed Food


Sponsor/Community Booths

VOLUNTEER! Help the Market be even more awesome than it already is! Lend us your skills--both brain power and muscle appreciated--and have a fun and rewarding time at it. To apply go to our website: Help Us Grow | Bremerton Community Farmers Market | Bremerton

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